A scavanger hunt like none before

“It’s a total blast. […] pure excitement […]”
“You forget about everything else. […] this blurs the boundaries of real and virtual gameplay.”

166 games in the last week!

Agent X was hunted 166 times in the last week, among others in: Bonn (10), Gossau (ZH) (8), Aulendiebach (6), Flörsheim (6), and Hamburg (6)

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Hunter or hunted?

One of you is Agent X, trying to escape. You opponents are detectives, working together to close in on Agent X and force his surrender.

Detectives can see Agent X' location every couple of minutes on their devices, but Agent X knows exactly where his pursuers are at any given time.

For some extra excitement, use magic hoods, magnets, smoke screens, and various other gadgets to throw your opponents off your trail.

An event like no other

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