Questions & Answers

What are the advantages of Agent-X Pro?

The free version Agent-X displays ads, Agent-X Pro does not, and you receive free exclusive extra gadets. In addition, you can configure with Agent-X Pro the duration of your game and the size of the game area. This is important to adapt your game to your local settings (kind of area, player experience etc.) and maximizes your game fun. And of course, you actively support the development of Agent-X by buying the Pro version!

How can you “catch” Agent X?

If Agent X has been caught, he must be “brought to give up”, i.e. he must press once the white surrender-flag on his device. By this, we avoid to make him automatically loose when he is well cached and a detective passes by unsuspectingly.

Why is Agent-X not available for the iPod Touch, iPad WiFi or Android devices without cellular connection and GPS?

You play Agent-X outside. A cellular network connection and localization via GPS are required by all means, since otherwise a connection with the game server is not possible, and your precise location is an important part of the gameplay. iPod Touch, iPad Wifi and Android-based MP2-players do not provide these features.

Why can't I play Agent-X alone?

Agent-X is a multi-user game. You play together with real people - there is no simulated adversary. One or several players take the role of the “detectives” and hunt one player, who has the role of “Agent X”. Therefore, you need at least two players, but it's more fun to play with three, four or five. Everyone participates using his smartphone.

How much traffic does Agent-X create?

Our experience is, that a 15-minute-game creates about 2-5MB traffic. A major impact has the map visualization. If you avoid scrolling an dhigh zoom levels, you can effectively reduce the required traffic.

There is a permanent warning saying “No position found“. What can I do?

Have you allowed the Agent-X app to access the device's GPS? You can verify this in your settings app. Sometimes it just takes the device some time to localize itself. It might help to switch to the default maps app and wait until your location is visualized there. Afterwards, you can switch back to Agent-X.

Why do I have to provide an email address?

Agent-X identifies every player by his or her email address. This is important to send you your secure code and allow you access to the Agent-X web portal. Of course, we keep your email address confidential and never share the data with others.

Why do I have to move while playing Agent-X?

Agent-X is a location based game. You current position in the real world influences the gameplay. While you're moving, your position is sent to the game server every five seconds, and shared with your teammates, who can see your position on their displays. In contrast to old fashioned computer games or boardgames, the world is the playing field of Agent-X.

I selected “Send signals“, but nothing happens. Why?

By “Sending Signals” you notify other players in your surrounding that you're ready to play Agent-X. You are visible in the player discovery view, which is shown when you select players for a new Agent-X game. As soon as someone added you to the player list of a new game and starts that game, you receive your mission. You can't play a game, if noone adds you to a new game, but, of course, you can initiate a new game yourself!

For which devices Agent-X is available?

Currently, you can play Agent-X on an iPhone with iOS 7 or higher, or on an Android smartphone with Android 4.0.3 or better.

Why do I need a secret code?

After registering, you receive an email with a personal secret code. You can use the secret code to log into this web portal. Here, you can review and share your games, download your game data for visualizing it on Google Earth, display and share your achievements, and of course, change your secret code. In addition, you need the secret code when you reinstall Agent-X on your smartphone.

The map is displayed very slowly. What can I do?

Please make sure that you activated 3G/LTE in your device's settings app (on iPhones) and did not activate “Only use 2G networks” (on Android phones).

I misspelled my email address while registering. How can I fix this, so that I can activate my account?

Please contact us. We can change your mail address and resend you a new secret code.

Why does Agent-X for Android requires that many entitlements?

Agent-X requires the entitlements to provide you a full game experience. In detail, these are:

I have another question...

Just send us a message and we try to answer as soon as possible.