And... Action!

Gadgets are an exciting way to throw your opponents off your trail, or to pin down Agent X during the game. All gadgets are stored in your personal wallet. When used, they modify the normal gameplay and bring you special advantages.

You get some gadgets for free when registering for the game. After that, you can collect the little coins distributed over the playing field during the games to find more gadgets.

Magic Hood

Makes you invisible for 30 seconds.

If you use a Magic Hood immediately after show-up, your maker disappears again from the maps. And as detective you can use a Magic Hood to sneak up Agent X...


Your opponents' smartphones start screaming.

As detective, you can find an Agent X hiding somewhere close nearby. And as Agent X, you can distract your chasers from your strategy.


When Agent X uses a Time-Transformer, the time is stretched: Detectives have to wait twice as long as normal until they get the next glimpse on Agent X's position.

If a detective uses a Time-Transformer, it works the other way round - Agent X's current position is immediatly visible!

For Agent X it is handy to use a Time-Transformer, when the detectives are very close - then they are unsure about your next moves...


Turns Agent X's map upside down for two minutes, or counteracts this disturbance.

Having your map upside down is very disturbing when moving around. Luckly, you can counteract this as Agent X by using your own magnet...

Smoke Screen

The Smoke Screen is activated after 20 sec. If touched afterwards, it disables the map around its place for two minutes.

Using a Smoke Screen, you can cause confusion among the players. In addition, you can use it as a kind of trap: As soon as it fires you know that someone passed by...

Super Smoke Screen

Super Smoke Screens are smoke screens that can be freely placed on the map!

You possibilities expand with the option of freely placing the smoke screen!