Agent-X is a multiplayer game (2 - 5 players). You play outside and use GPS. During the game, your location is continuously tracked and shared with your teammates. If you're "sending signals", other players within your defined range can detect your presence and the distance between both of you, but not your exact location. All players have to be at least 16 years old.

Protection of your Data

When you register, you enter a valid email address and an arbitrary player name. Player names and positions during the game are stored on our server. You and your teammates can access these data on the Agent-X portal. We treat your email and - if given - phone number confidential. We use your data only for optimizing your gaming experience and will not share it with third parties.

Sensor data transmitted during the game might be used in anonymized and aggregated form for scientific research.

To fund the free version of this app, advertisements from the Google® AdMob are displayed. To enable this, your smartphone communicates with Google AdMob Inc. servers [More Info] and transmits cookie and usage data. Agent-X Pro does not transmit any data to advertisement services.

If you decide to use the offered sharing features of divers social networks, information about you visiting our web page is transmitted to the selected network.

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